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Rocore by Kelvion - Renosa Partner of the Week!

Rocore by Kelvion designs, engineers and manufactures a compressive range of power generation and mobile cooling packages serving the stand-by, prime power, military, construction, industrial and on-off highway markets. Rocore by Kelvion is recognized as having a range second to none within the industry with sizes ranging from a few square feet up to more than one hundred square feet incorporating multiple cores and complex structures.

Rocore has five focused manufacturing facilities located in Wisconsin, Tennessee, Kentucky and Texas and is backed by Kelvion's internationally renowned reputation of excellence. Rocore is founded on the principle of customer satisfaction through flexibility and employee commitment and it's ability to perform is based on the experience, work ethic and empowerment of all employees.

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• Heavy Duty Industrial Radiators – on skid, remote, multi-fan, low noise applications.

• Heat Exchangers

• Fuel Coolers

• Remote Charge Air Coolers

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