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Are you tasked with figuring out which electrical room components can be used to

reduce footprint while allowing for flexibility and increasing value?

We have solutions that do just that! Contact us for more information.

  • Renosa Team

Regardless of why you need #backuppower, the most important factor is #reliability. #Missioncritical applications such as #utilities , #datacenters, #schools, #hospitals, etc... need to be able to count on reliable power from the backup system.

#maintenance of that system is a major part of achieving reliability. Easy to overlook during initial phases of #infrastructure planning, maintenance contributes both to the how reliable the system is as well as the overall total cost of ownership.

Taking these points into consideration should result in utilizing genset products that provide redundant, closed circuit, temperature resistant, safe, low-maintenance #battery chemistries such as #NiCd or #NiZn as opposed to #leadacid.

Additionally, the shorter lifespan, higher maintenance needs, and larger footprint with lead-acid batteries all contribute to a higher #TCO.

The most reliable choice is clear! Contact us today for a quote.

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