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1. What data you'll collect and how you'll use it.

Data collected by Renosa via our website and social media accounts is limited only to what is volunteered by visitors via messaging, comments, engagements, and forms. All data shared with Renosa will be utilized for the purpose of providing excellent customer service, industry sharing, and application understanding as the manufacturers representative for the companies listed on our line card. Any information gathered for other purposes with be disclosed to the visitor and at their discretion. All testimonials are voluntary.

2. Methods of collection.

Information may be collected from visitors via messaging portals, online forms, comment fields, and post engagement.


3. Customer communication.

Customers should be comfortable sharing information with Renosa as it is our priority to serve our customers with the utmost of care and dedication to engaging communication with the purpose of excellent customer service, providing the most current and accurate information available, promoting industry education and knowledge sharing, providing information regarding opportunities to engage with us and the manufacturers we represent, providing quotes, lead times and product information requested, and understanding and supporting orders being processed for our customers specific applications. Renosa values customer relationships and part of that is protection of information shared. Renosa will not sell personal information shared by visitors, including email addresses, names, titles, projects specifics.

4. Request for data.

Visitors are welcome to contact Renosa to inquire about data usage and collection by contacting our head of Marketing & Development, Lauri Jayne, at

5. Contact information.

Mailing: PO Box 516
Monroe, OR 97456
Ph: 503.864.3952
Cell: 503.864.5085

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