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Miratech - Renosa Partner of the Week!

Controlling engine exhaust pollutants and noise is a challenge for many major industries. These challenges can be just as unique as the industry itself. Environmental requirements and restrictions can vary from day to day and region to region. Since 1992, MIRATECH has been providing the advanced, customized solutions companies need to remain compliant and achieve higher levels of performance and efficiency.

  • Emission Reduction Systems:

  • Diesel Oxidation & 3-Way Catalysts

  • SCR’s and Diesel Particulate Filters

  • Tier 4F & NESHAP Compliant Systems

  • Air Fuel Ratio Controls

  • COWL Spiral Silencers & Accessories

  • EM PRODUCTS Engine Exhaust Silencers

  • Industrial - Hospital Grade Plus

  • Customized Solutions

  • Full Range Exhaust Accessories


  • Heat Recovery Systems

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