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Welcome Austin to the Renosa Team!

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Austin received his MBA from Oregon State University in 2018 with a focus in Market Research. During this time, he worked for a market research group within OSU called Close to The Customer. Running focus groups and making reports for local businesses in Corvallis, and for Oregon State University’s needs as well.

Primary passions outside of work are basketball and pickleball. Austin has been playing basketball for the last 15 years plus, over the last 10 years or so outside of Covid times at Linfield College in his hometown of McMinnville. During the last 2 years Pickleball has become the major focus, competing in several tournaments across Oregon and one in Washington recently.

Coming from the wine industry, as a water technician Austin’s job was to make water drinkable/usable for major wineries and serving residential homes, with systems like UV, water softeners, filters, and chemical injection. Servicing wineries like Domaine Serene, Stoller, Soter, Bergstrom, Penner Ash, Cherry Hill, Andante, Ponzi, Shea, and many others across Oregon.

Austin brings an array of background experiences that will help him in this new position, having worked alongside electricians on jobsites during major builds/installations at wineries, commercial buildings and residential homes across Oregon.

We are stoked to have Austin on-board with us at Renosa!

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