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Firwin - Renosa Partner of the Week!

Is safety a priority for your company? We are proud to offer Firwin Insulation Solution Products that reduce risk, foster efficiency, and promote peace of mind. Using high quality materials and custom advanced methods, Firwin is the leading manufacture of quality products for diesel and gas engines & exhaust systems, and industrial applications.

Whether it’s for prime power, standby emergency power, portable generator sets, or co-generation facilities, industry relies on on-site power systems to provide the power they need when they need it.

Powered by diesel engines, gas engines, or gas turbines, these systems generate heat. A lot of heat. And whether it’s for operator safety or optimization of pollution control equipment, that heat has to be managed. That’s where Firwin Removable Insulation Blankets come in.

Curious and want to know more?

Call us to discuss options for improving your company’s safety, efficiency, and environmental impact.

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