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Join us in welcoming our new team member!

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Lauri Jayne, joined our team in July of 2021 as the head of our Marketing & Development. Lauri is stoked about the opportunity to work for Renosa with owners, David & Delia, who she holds with the utmost esteem and admiration. "This is an honor and a commitment that I am humbled and energized by. Connecting people and providing support has always been a passion for me in all aspects of life. I hope my strong midwestern born work-ethic and attention to integrity will guide me to successfully produce meaningful results for our customers and partners." Lauri resides in Bend, OR with her pup, Denali, a spunky Irishgoldendoodle. When she's not working, Lauri enjoys time with loved ones, serving as a CASA, and chasing adventures in the mountains. Because her professional background has primarily been in the human services and outdoor recreation fields, she brings a strong focus on relationships and teamwork.

In case you haven’t met our fearless leaders…

David & Delia, partners in life and in business, have laid a foundation of commitment to customer service and quality product delivery. Since establishing Renosa Corporation back in 1989, David & Delia have built a company that represents over 15 different and yet complimentary manufactures to customers throughout the Pacific Northwest region primarily. David & Delia are based out of Renosa’s new main office in Monroe, OR. Outside of their work through Renosa, David & Delia delight in time with family - especially their five awesome grandkids, getting their hands dirty with home and landscaping projects, and serving the communities where they live particularly through a feeding ministry that they helped pioneer which serves meals to people in need in the McMinnville, OR area. They also really love taking time sample the incredible options of brews and wines that Oregon has to offer. Relationship is key for these two and they definitely show that both personally and professionally.

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