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NEW Product Highlight-SENS EnerGenius DC


EnerGenius DC is a family of modular, high-powered chargers that are purpose-built for industrial and utility environments. Standard configurations range from 25 to 400 amps at 120 or 240 volts DC nominal. Larger custom systems are also available.

EnerGenius DC outperforms line frequency chargers such as SCR: smaller size, lighter weight, higher efficiency, easier field service, lower ripple and faster-responding DC output.

Unlike other switchmode chargers derived from telecommunications power supplies, EnerGenius DC features innovative layered defenses against dirt and electrical transients that enable operation in harsh industrial and utility environments.



Native 3-phase, 380-480 VAC input

Native 3-phase, 3-wire input enables operation on common 380-480 VAC without the stepdown transformer other switchmode chargers need. Operation down to 188 volts or on a single phase continues at reduced output. 95% efficiency and unity power factor consume up to 30% less AC current than conventional chargers of similar output.

Flexible Configurations

EnerGenius DC employs multiple rectifier modules that enable higher current output or internal redundancy.

  • 7 kW Compact/Portable charger employs one rectifier.

  • 14 kW Wallbox employs either one or two rectifiers. Field power upgrade is possible.

  • 56 kW Cabinet system accommodates up to eight hot-swappable rectifiers. Dual AC and/or DC buses are available for increased redundancy and fault tolerance.

  • Systems >56 kW are also available. Contact factory.

Protected From Electromagnetic Threats & Dirt

Charger electronics are fully sealed in Faraday cages, providing protection from electromagnetic fields and dirt. Innovative Forced Conduction™ cooling employs redundant fans and easily serviced air filtration to eliminate the problems of dirt-induced failures common to all prior forced cooled designs.

Modular Design and Redundancy

N+1 redundancy is possible in either the 14 kW or 56 kW systems by installing one more rectifier than is required to meet the base load. Rectifiers are isolated from each other.

Output voltage control is maintained by the rectifiers. If communication to the control panel is lost, voltage output is still maintained. Additional redundancy in the 56 kW cabinet is obtained by specifying independent, dual, 3-phase AC feeds. Dual A/B DC bus output is optional.


For more information about the EnerGenius DC, download the following product information below or contact us at 503-864-3952 or for a quote today!

SENS 111077_Energenius DC_RevD
Download PDF • 839KB
SENS 101335_EnerGeniusDC_Wallbox_Manual_
Download • 2.75MB
SENS 101334_EnerGeniusDC_Compact_Manual_
Download • 2.38MB
SENS 101336_EnerGeniusDC_Cabinet_Manual_
Download • 3.34MB
SENS 101337_Compact_Quick-Start Guide_Re
Download • 654KB
SENS 101338_Wallbox_Quick-Start Guide_Re
Download • 563KB

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